Fishing on Aruba

Fishing can be good the year round!

Fly Fishing Trips:

During a fly fishing trip you can expect to find Baby Tarpon, Snook and Bonefish.
The trips include use of the best fly-fishing gear; Sage and Orvis fly rods and reels. Rio lines and leaders. Top quality flies from Orvis, EPFlies and my own creations for every target.

You will need to bring shoes that can get wet (wading shoes, sneakers or boots are good), Polarized Sunglasses (best color is amber), sunscreen and a hat (baseball cap is best). Please let me know if you are left handed before the trip so I can change the set ups.

During the trip I will help you to improve your skills if necessary and give you tips on where to fish unguided on other days.
Aruba has some big bonefish. The bonefish in Aruba are not in big numbers like in Belize or the Bahamas, but are definitely worth fishing for. The average size is 4 to 6 lbs, and can go up to 12 lbs! They are here year round. Baby Tarpon are here year round and the big Tarpons might be here somewhere between May and November! Permits are hard to find but the best months to fish for them are October till February (Fishing for them will require very experienced saltwater fly fishers). Other common species are Snook, Barracuda, Rainbow Runners and Jacks!
The fish are here year round.

All the trips are private with a max of 2 persons.
The trips are 4 hours and your total cost will be $350.

Spin Fishing Trips:

For the spin fishing trip we can find Barracuda, Jack, Snook and sometimes Baby Tarpon, and what ever is hungry depending on the season. Bonefish can also be targeted during the trip.

I have the best gear; G-Loomis rods Shimano reels and Power pro lines 10-15 and 20 lbs depending on the target.
We fish light, monofilament leaders and artificial baits (no live baits available) The fishing will be done on the boat and depending on the weather tides and wave we will decide where to fish. Most fishing will be done inshore and by the mangroves but on calm wind days the reef can be optional.

Please bring polarized sunglasses and sunscreen. And if you like to bring your favorite lures that’s always good.

All the trips are private with a max of 2 persons.
The trips are 4 hours and your total cost will be $350.

There will be a cooler on board with water and soft drinks.

Things to bring to Aruba for unguided fishing:

Bring EVERYTHING you need.
local stores do not have any fly fishing materials.

On Aruba you don’t need a fishing license for unguided fishing!

Your checklist for Aruba:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Wading shoes (closed shoes are best some of the flats do have rocks that can be sharp)
  • Polarized sunglasses (Amber is the best color!)
  • 8 or 9 weight rod. A 4 piece travel rod can be brought as hand luggage (This will prevent loss or damage)
  • A reel with at least 100 yards of backing!
  • 10 or 12 pound leaders /10/12 ft long is best.
  • Floating line WT/F 8 or 9 weight (match your rod)
  • Flies for Bonefish (Jacks or Permit can also be found sometimes on the flats)

My Favorite flies are:

All the Bonefish flies work here! Click here for my favorite Bonefish flies size 4 and 6.
Please check the picture for my favourite Tarpon flies ,size 1/0 and 2/0.

Please bring your own favorites too. I am a big believer in experimenting to get a better result.

For people who like to go unguided Spin fishing:

Don’t go too big; 4/5 inch lures work best!
Yozuri and Rapala’s are great.
Floating or slow sinking lures would be smart because most places are shallow.
In Aruba you don’t need a license to fish!
Good luck and tight lines!

High and low tides and weather conditions.

For the best tide table please click here

The best website to check the weather forecast is Wind Guru.